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Artículo This is how easy it is to create a fake Instagram influencer profile Culture


This is how easy it is to create a fake Instagram influencer profile



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16 Agosto 2017 07:13

Becoming an Instagram influencer is easier than you think...

Don't believe everything you see on Instagram: sometimes things aren't what they seem: too-good-to-be-true beaches, tents perched on unlikely-looking mountains, parties on boats where everyone is blonde and white and models sip green smoothies. All of the above accompanied by thousands of followers who leave comments like 'Wow' or 'Nice pic'.

The influencer marketing media agency Mediakix carried out an experiment to show that creating a fake influencer profile is actually quite easy. In fact, all you need are copyright-free images (from any image bank) and some money to invest. Let the internet do the rest.

Mediakix created two fake profiles: for the first they photographed a local model and turned her into a fashion influencer named calibeachgirl310. The fake persona behind the second profile was a travel and photography influencer who they gave the username wanderingggirl.

Screenshot of fake Instagram profile

The agency then began purchasing followers for both accounts, investing between $3-8 per 1,000 followers. In little more than two weeks, the investment had – as if by magic – paid off handsomely: both profiles had accumulated over 10,000 followers. A significant enough amount that brands began to take them seriously.

But wait, there's more: for a profile to seem real it must also have a community. No one will believe you if your account has thousands of followers but no engagement or adulation. To make their profile look genuine, the agency purchased likes (between $4-9 per 1,000) and comments (12 cents each).

And voilà: the fake influencers were all set to attract legions of real fans and fool the brands.