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Artículo This outrageous music video can be seen forwards or backwards Culture


This outrageous music video can be seen forwards or backwards



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23 Febrero 2017 12:46

A remarkable work of preparation and editing.

Ilya Naishuller continues to break barriers with his astonishing videos.

Naishuller's Hardcore Henry, released last year, was the first movie ever to be filmed entirely in first-person view with a GoPro. Despite its low budget, the film did surprisingly well in the US box office.

But the director has now gone back to his roots with a music video.

Leningrad, a well-known band from Saint Petersburg, signed the director to shoot the video for their song Tattoo Artist. And naturally, Naishuller brought his very personal and potent style to the project. Leningrad's song can be listened to both forwards and backwards, and so two versions of the video were released to replicate this peculiarity.

Here's the backwards clip (as it was originally released). We should warn you that it's not for the fainthearted:

And here you can see how the story develops going forward. The song fits the images perfectly, thanks to the remarkable amount of preparation, structure and editing work involved in the production.

But the truth is, whichever way round you watch the video, it's all equally outrageous and deliciously over-the-top.