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Artículo These photos show just how low some air passengers will stoop Culture


These photos show just how low some air passengers will stoop



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25 Julio 2017 09:51

She thought she’d struck it lucky with her seat, until…

Until now, I think we could say the most odious plane passengers are those that celebrate their arrival when the plane lands by CLAPPING.

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We don’t know if their enthusiasm comes from not having suffered a horrific death in a plane crash or if it’s simply an overexcited: ‘Woohoo! We’re here!!’ Whatever the case may be, these people have been knocked off their podium, stripped of their gold medal. We have now discovered some new, particularly irritating specimens.

Twitter user Jessie Char shared her painful experience with her followers. She was on a plane flying home to San Francisco and decided to post this photo of the two empty seats next to her, along with a suitably ironic comment:

When, suddenly, her plan for a relaxing, stress-free flight got mercilessly turned on its head.

But wait, there’s more.



According to what Char told Today, ‘I looked to the front and back for the nearest flight attendant and caught someone's eye, but by the time she reached me the feet discreetly retracted back into the abyss of row 6.’

On the Internet, as well as the responses of sheer horror, people couldn't resist cracking a few jokes.