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This video compares 11 real moments from history with their cinematic recreations



Playground Traduccion

31 Marzo 2017 16:46

'Catch Me If You Can', 'Into the Wild', and 'JFK', compared with the events that inspired them.


Catch Me If You Can, Into the Wild and JFK already form part of movie history. But before that they were simply history. Cinema based on true events usually indulges in a fair amount of dramatic license to shape the messiness of real life into a digestible two-hour movie. But sometimes, filmmakers go out of their way to recreate, as accurately as possible, exactly what happened.

Such is the case with the aforementioned films, as well as others like Man on the Moon, The Fighter and A Theory of Everything. All these films are featured in Recreating History. This video, edited by Vugar Efendi, splits the screen in two to show the real-life events (on the left) alongside the images recreated in the films (on the right).

Curiously, the only director whose work is featured twice in the video is Oliver Stone. As well as JFK, Vugar Efendi has included footage from the veteran director's biopic of The Doors.

Recreating History also includes footage from The Damned United, La Vie en rose, Jackie, Selma, and Jeff Nichols's Loving.