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Artículo UK artist slammed for mocking 'working class' people in social media post Culture


UK artist slammed for mocking 'working class' people in social media post



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06 Septiembre 2017 11:42

A huge backlash to a snobbish Instagram post

If you’re an artist living in Peckham, south London, chances are you are part of the problem with gentrification, not a vehicle for solving it.

Hetty Douglas, an up-and-coming Nottingham-born painter, has been slammed online and by media outlets for her ‘classist’ photograph and post of construction workers ordering food at McDonald's.

She shared an image of a group of men waiting in the queue at the fast food chain on Instagram, with a derogatory caption written across it. She wrote: ‘These guys look like they got 1 GCSE.’ Her Instagram profile, which has since been removed, has been described by former followers as having a (faux) ‘working class’ aesthetic, and therefore her comments about people just doing an honest day’s work have caused a huge backlash online.

People have accused her of co-opting working class communities as a means to further her artistic persona, and that her blatant ‘snobbery’ and ‘classism’ reveals her as a ‘fake’:

Warren Butt, a 40-year-old scaffolder pictured in Douglas's post, has responded to the artist's cruel mockery with outrage, telling The Sun: 'It's not very nice. It's made us look like a load of idiots when we are just trying to crack on and do some work'

'I would like an apology. I do not think it's right she can take a picture of us without us knowing and say that. I'm just working - just earning a living for me and my son.'

Dazed had touted Douglas as one of the rising stars in the UK’s art scene, and she reached number 49 on their Dazed100 of outstanding talent. Vice has also written about her work, praising her left-of-centre approach to painting.