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Artículo Val Kilmer shares unseen images of the actor preparing for his role as Jim Morrison Culture


Val Kilmer shares unseen images of the actor preparing for his role as Jim Morrison



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19 Junio 2017 15:45

 Val Kilmer became completely absorbed by Jim Morrison during the shooting of 'The Doors'. Now the actor has shared a video showing a part of that process


There are certain actors who get so into character that when filming comes to an end, they can’t get out. This is what happened, for example, to Bela Lugosi with Dracula, who had to swap his bed for a coffin. It happened to Val Kilmer with Jim Morrison and he ended up in therapy in an attempt to rid himself of the The Doors's lead singer -although he wound up taking Prozac.

To prepare for the role, Kilmer committed 50 Doors songs to memory a year before shooting began. He examined every detail of Morrison, the way he expressed himself, the way he moved; and made the pop icon's mannerisms his own. The result? A performance so mindblowing that, when you watch Oliver Stone's classic biopic, you feel like you’re watching the real Jim Morrison.

‘It boggles me to this day to see people with a tattoo of me playing him and not knowing it isn't Jim. It happens more than you think,’ said Val Kilmer himself on Reddit. He also shared this video.

The images, which Kilmer described as ‘a typical rehearsal session preparing for The Doors movie at Whiskey a Gogo,’ show Kilmer, along with the other actors that brought Morrison’s band back to life, performing the legendary LA Woman. ‘I was working hard getting my mannerisms down and trying to get that same edge the Lizard King had,’ he added, in reference to the singer’s nickname.

When a fellow Reddit user asked the actor what he would change in his performance, watching it today with hindsight, Kilmer replied that he felt it was a little overplayed. ‘Although when we were filming, I tried to keep the histrionics to a minimum.’

Despite Kilmer finishing up as a parody of himself, watching him again in the role of Morrison is still as compelling as it was in the early nineties, when The Doors came out in the cinema. It still runs a disturbing shiver down your spine. And yes: it makes you want to get out that old tattoo gun.

Even if it's not the real Jim.