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Artículo What is 'Big Dick Energy'? And do you have it? A definitive (ish) guide Culture


What is 'Big Dick Energy'? And do you have it? A definitive (ish) guide



It's not about having a penis - it's about your effortlessly cool vibe. 'Big Dick Energy' is not something you can fake, it comes from within

Anna Freeman

27 Junio 2018 16:51

You’ve either got it - or you don’t.

‘Big Dick Energy’ is a concept sweeping the celebsphere and has spawned an incredible online debate about what criterion you need to have it. Although upon hearing the term Big Dick Energy - let’s say BDE for short - you would be forgiven for thinking about a 12-inch shlong the size of a jumbo hot dog, but it’s not actually about having a penis at all.

We’re all aware of the culturally-defined symbolism of possessing a larger-than-average dick - cis masculinity, arrogance, power - but BDE is more of a vibe and attitude that exudes confidence and charisma. It is quite sexist when you think about it. Why not ‘pussy power energy’? Or ‘well-defined vulva’ energy? But it has an intriguing resonance nonetheless. BDE is less about the physicality of male genitalia and more about a person’s aura.

Women can have as much BDE as their male counterparts. Nicki Minaj? BDE. Rihanna? BDE. Susan Sarandon? Aficionado in BDE. Miley Cyrus? Nah. In short, you can be a self-identified cis man with a big penis and have zero BDE, and you can be a self-defined woman sans penis and have it. It’s all about your effortless cool.

BDE all started with pony-tailed pop star Ariana Grande and her husband-to-be, Pete Davidson. Grande announced her engagement to everyday man Davidson a few weeks ago after having only reportedly been dating for mere weeks. As gossip swirled about the romance, the undercurrent of much discussion was: Really? This guy? Davidson is, in normative cultural opinion, a pretty average white guy with a normcore fashion sense. But, somehow, you know that there’s something about him. A twinkle in his eye. It is something that you can’t quite put your finger on. He has BDE.

In the midst of the gossip cycle, Grande also took time to promote her upcoming album, Sweetener, which will include an interlude dedicated to Davidson. On Twitter, a fan asked how long this particular interlude would be, to which Grande responded by seemingly revealing Davidson’s penis size. ‘Like 10 inches?... oh… i mean… like a lil over a minute.’ The tweet has since been deleted, but it was enough to set Twitter afire and spur countless articles dissecting the fundamentals of BDE.

So, how do you know if someone has BDE? Being a household name, Platinum-selling musician or Oscar-winning actor does not guarantee you have BDE. In fact, you don’t have to be famous at all. It can be understood as the quiet self-assuredness and ease that would come from knowing you have a massive penis - and what to do with it. It’s not conceited, it’s not power-hungry, it’s the opposite: a healthy, robust sense of self that creates a magnetism to others. BDE is hard to define. There is no textbook meaning. But you know it when you see it.

Allison P. Davis has drawn up a list of celebrities who have and do not have BDE for The Cut, and we want to add to her list below.

Do they have Big Dick Energy? That is the question

Cardi B: Oozes BDE.

Rihanna: So much BDE.

Beyoncé: Actually no. On stage, she is fierce AF. But she doesn

Donald Trump: No. He just is a dick.

Barack Obama: BDE.

David Bowie: He had BDE seeping out of his pores.

Idris Elba: Meaning of BDE.

One Direction: Nah.

Harry Styles: BDE.

Frances McDormand: Oh yes.

Serena Williams: Pro BDE.

Donald Glover: BDE.

Drake: Some days he has BDE. But he has his off days.

Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham: NO BDE.

Emma Watson: No BDE in sight.

Frank Ocean: Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

Dywane Jonshon: No

Uma Thurman: BDE.

Kanye West: None. Anywhere.

Justin Trudeau: BDE.

Katy Perry: No. No. No.

Johnny Depp: NO.

Nicki Minaj: BDE.

Iggy Azalea: She wants it, but she doesn’t have it.

Madonna: Used to have BDE. Now is BDE-less.

Al Pacino: BDE. El Jefe.

Anne Hathaway: No BDE.

Matt Damon: Nah.

Lisa Simpson: Yes. She is woke.