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Artículo YouTuber Jake Paul has made his neighbourhood a living hell, and locals arent happy Culture


YouTuber Jake Paul has made his neighbourhood a living hell, and locals arent happy



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24 Julio 2017 09:07

Local residents think that Jake Paul is insufferable, and this interview confirms it

Jake Paul is truly an Internet star. He made his name on Vine, has 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has recently taken the leap to the Disney Channel.

Listen. Sometimes there's just nowhere else to put your GoPro ? @jakepaul #Team10 ? @jessicache

Una publicación compartida de Team 10 (@team10official) el

If I had to sum up the content of his channel in a few concepts, it would be something like this:

Blonde, bare-chested and macho.

Arselicking friends.

Cool, fun-loving girlfriend.

Stuff on fire.

Stuff exploding.

Stuff that’s stupidly expensive.

Pool, laughs, cool hairstyle.

Bad jokes.

He thinks he’s a rapper, but he’s not.

Because Paul is making a shitload of cash from YouTube, he can afford to live in a fuck off big house in a well-to-do neighbourhood in Los Angeles, where he shoots most of his videos together with his flunkies, a group he calls Team 10.

His new area used to be a quiet street where families could live their lives in peace. Today it’s a hotbed of bros that are constantly causing trouble. It’s like living in a block of student flats, only in this case these guys have the money and the means to fuck around non-stop. They are the adult version of a kid with a drum. In other words, hell on earth.

Aside from epic scenes of destruction such as throwing furniture into his empty pool and setting it on fire (the flames rose above the house), the kid thinks nothing of sharing his address with his fans (seriously, on Google it looks as if the house is open to the public and has more than 2,000 reviews), which is why his street is always crawling with fans, who look like their waiting for the Pope to talk from the balcony.

Things have gotten so out of hand that local residents are going to talk with the authorities to find out what legal actions they can take. When a camera crew from KTLA television station went to the house to talk with him on Monday, Paul responded by saying his neighbours ‘hate him’ and then climbed on top of the news van… only he could tell you why.

It seems Paul has as many fans as he has enemies. Many fellow YouTubers have already dedicated videos to him basically explaining why they don’t buy him. And on other networks he’s seen as the very encarnation of the concept of ‘white privilege’.

His response? A tweet in which he couldn’t even be bothered to spell out all the letters:

In the movies the class bullies always wind up losing in the end. I guess, in reality, that’s just not always the way it goes...