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Artículo #IWD2018: PlayGround+ would not be possible without women Do


#IWD2018: PlayGround+ would not be possible without women



Read our manifesto about why the women at PlayGround+ are striking today, on International Women's Day

07 Marzo 2018 19:11

Hello, we’re not here.

Us women at PlayGround are not here so that we can be here. We’re on a feminist strike as part of International Women’s Day.

We’re not here for inequality. Not at work, not at home and not in the street.

We’re here to stand up to assaults, humiliation, marginalisation and exclusion.

To eradicate gender-based violence.

And to draw a line under harassment.

We’re not here to be scared.

We’re here to demand that people stop claiming that everything before didn’t happen or that we’re exaggerating.

Because it did. It happened. We endured it. And we are NOT exaggerating.

Today us WOMEN are one and we are diverse.

Today we’re not at PlayGround or at home, and we want it to be noticed.

For it to be felt.

We want the world to react, for our importance to be demonstrated through action.

Because we’re not here so that we can be here.