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Artículo This couple look so alike that people are saying they must be related Food


This couple look so alike that people are saying they must be related



Antonio J. Rodríguez

21 Diciembre 2016 14:57

Everyone’s freaking out about how similar they look.


Last Wednesday, Yamily Vazquez and Edgar Pareves, both 17, from Massachusetts, celebrated four months together by uploading a selfie of themselves to Snapchat and Twitter. To their surprise, their picture rapidly went viral. No just because they make a cute couple (although they do), but because the two look so incredibly alike. Well, they do look pretty similar. What the hell? They’re freaking identical.




Edgar admits that people remark on their resemblance ‘all the time’. ‘In the pictures we take together, people will say that,’ he said. ‘But usually in our day-to-day life, people have gotten used to it.’ ‘We did think the picture was funny, but it was just like, “Okay…people are going to say we look alike,” but that’s it,’ Yamily said. It looks like the young lovebirds forgot the first rule of internet: exaggerate things until they become funny.




‘DNA tests ASAP. And of course, the occasional incest jibe… But there’s one thing Edgar wants to make very clear: ‘We’re not related at all!’