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Artículo Five women accuse Louis CK of sexual misconduct and non-consensual masturbation News


Five women accuse Louis CK of sexual misconduct and non-consensual masturbation



Another explosive report alleges the revered comedian has masturbated in front of women on numerous occasions

Anna Freeman

10 Noviembre 2017 11:54

Louis CK, revered comic and TV auteur, has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women, a New York Times report alleges.

In the wake of the publication’s Hollywood glass-shattering exposé about Harvey Weinstein, a tidal shift has rocked the deeply masculinist system. Rumours about Louis CK’s sexual habits have plagued him for years; he often employs self-referential jokes about male sexual aggression in his comedy.

But, for the most part, these remained rumours. Until now. Fellow comics Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov told the Times that CK invited them both to his hotel room for a nightcap in 2002, before asking the pair if he could take his penis out. Thinking it was a joke, they laughed, after which CK allegedly took off all his clothes and masturbated.

A further three women told the Times CK either masturbated in their presence, over the phone, or asked if he could. Lewis Kay, his publicist, told the publication that he would not be responding to the allegations; ‘Louis is not going to answer any questions,’ Kay said.

In light of the revelations, HBO dropped CK’s show from their service on Thursday night, and his new film’s New York premiere, due to happen the same night, was cancelled by the production company. CK also cancelled an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

CK’s movie, I love you, Daddy, is both awkward in its timing and in subject matter. The plot follows the story of a TV writer (CK) whose 17-year-old daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) is seduced by an older film producer (John Malkovich) rumoured to be a pedophile. It’s argued that it makes reference to directors like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski - and Weinstein - but now it has uncomfortable parallels with CK himself.