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Artículo Three teenagers attacked a mother with her six-month-old baby News


Three teenagers attacked a mother with her six-month-old baby



Three teenage girls attacked a mother holding her six-month-old baby in Oklahoma, US.

Anna Freeman

26 Octubre 2017 15:33

On October 18, Janie McCoy was on her way to a friend's house with her six-month-old baby when she saw three girls walking towards her. What happened next she wasn't prepared for.

The mother asked them why they wanted to attack her, but the only answer she got was a response from one of the aggressors, who told the others, 'Take the child!'

After insulting her and surrounding her, the teenagers hit McCoy in the face and threw her on the floor with her baby in her arms, ignoring that her child was less than one year old.

The teenagers told McCoy: 'Your child I do not give a shit about.' After the physical assault, the mother went to her friends' house, and one of the teenagers chased her to the door.

McCoy ended up with a broken lip and some bruises on her face, but her baby was unharmed. It happened in an Oklahoma city called Broken Bow and the video, recorded on a mobile phone, has been shared hundreds of times on social media