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Artículo 12-year-old boy who had a sex change regrets it two years later News


12-year-old boy who had a sex change regrets it two years later



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12 Septiembre 2017 11:53

A decision that changed this schoolboy's life forever

When Patrick Mitchell, from Australia, turned 12, he knew something was wrong.

The schoolboy felt uncomfortable in his own body and questioned whether he might identify as female rather than male. After speaking to his mother and medical professionals about transitioning into a girl, he started hormone therapy. Two years later, Patrick regrets his decision.

Doctors had diagnosed Patrick with gender dysphoria, a condition where people experience distress due to confusion about their gender identity. He begged his mother to let him start taking oestrogen, and following the guidelines set by professionals, Patrick embarked on a journey that would come to define his youth ‘You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I'd kill to be like that,’ he told 60 Minutes. Patrick started growing his hair long and, due to taking hormones, breasts developed on his chest. At the beginning of this year, teachers at Patrick’s school began referring to him with female pronouns, which made the teen question whether he had made the right decision. Patrick then told his mother that he wanted to transition back to a boy. ‘He looked me in the eye and said “I'm just not sure that I am a girl”,’ his mother explained. Patrick is in the process of reverting the changes made to his body by stopping hormone therapy, and is due to have an operation to remove excess breast tissue.