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Artículo 26-year-old mother's head crushed by hospital lift shortly after giving birth News


26-year-old mother's head crushed by hospital lift shortly after giving birth



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23 Agosto 2017 08:03

The woman's devastated family have demanded that authorities hold someone responsible for the accident 

Rocio Cortes Nunes, 26, had just given birth to her third child, by caesarean section, in Valme Hospital in Seville, Spain. She was being moved to another floor in a trolley when something went wrong with the lift and it moved suddenly upwards, trapping her head inside the shaft while her body was left hanging outside.

Some reports say that her head was severed at the neck. Police and firefighters were called to rescue the victim but she was already dead when they arrived.

The accident happened after the hospital porter moving Ms Nunes realised the lift wasn’t working properly. He had pressed the button to go up one level, but the doors closed and opened twice. He was getting out of the lift to try another one when it started moving. He was unable to get his patient clear of the door in time.

Rocio leaves behind three daughters, Carmen, five, and Rocio, four, as well as newborn, Triana. The deceased's family is currently in a state of shock. They have made a formal complaint to a court which will investigate the tragedy. Authorities in the clinic have already met with the company that maintains the lift as part of their investigation.

The family will wait for forensic tests to be completed before they bury Rocio.

Officials in Valme Hospital say that the lift had been fully inspected on 12 August during a regular check and that no problems had been detected.

Marina Álvarez, the minister of health in Andalusia, later spoke out in a press conference at the hospital over the 'quick, unusual and tragic' accident that killed Rocio. Ms Álvarez added that both Rocio's family and the worker who was in charge of her trolley were being given counselling