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Artículo A dog died on a United Airlines plane after being forced to fly in the overhead locker News


A dog died on a United Airlines plane after being forced to fly in the overhead locker



The airline has accepted 'full responsibility' for the tragedy

Anna Freeman

14 Marzo 2018 13:17

A dog’s in-flight death has prompted United Airlines to accept ‘full responsibility’ after a flight attendant allegedly forced the owner to put the pet in the overhead locker.

The French bulldog died from suspected oxygen deprivation during a flight from Houston to New York on Monday. ‘This was a tragic accident that should never have happened,’ the airline said.

Witnesses said the flight attendant had asked a passenger to put her pet carrier in the locker. The attendant later claimed she did not know the live dog was in the bag.

‘We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them,’ United Airlines said in a statement.

‘We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again. Pets should never be placed in the overhead bin.’

Passenger Maggie Gremminger gave her account of what happened to travel website, One Mile at a Time. She said: ‘I witnessed a United flight attendant instruct a woman to put her dog carrier with live dog in an overhead bin.

‘The passenger adamantly pushed back, sharing verbally that her dog was in the bag. The flight attendant continued to ask the passenger to do it, and she eventually complied.

‘By the end of the flight, the dog was dead. The woman was crying in the airplane aisle on the floor.’