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A group of backpackers overdosed on travel sickness drug they thought was cocaine



Three people are still un an induced coma following the incident

Anna Freeman

04 Enero 2018 16:38

A mass overdose among nine backpackers who were taken to hospital in Perth was the result of a common prescription drug called hyoscine, often used to treat travel sickness, officials have confirmed.

The group of backpackers, aged 21 to 25, thought they were snorting cocaine on Tuesday night but suffered violent reactions, with three currently in intensive care in induced comas.

Two people, both French, remained in a critical condition on Thursday, while a German woman was still in an induced coma in a stable condition. The others have been released from hospital.

The seven men and two women who took the drug were rushed to three Perth hospitals at about midnight after a triple-zero call was made from a house in Colombo Street, Victoria Park.

Police said emergency services staff found numerous people in the house who were either unconscious or semi-unconscious.

One of the injured backpackers told the West Australian the ordeal was ‘terrifying’ and said he was ‘trying to scream for help’ but his mouth wouldn’t move.