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Artículo A group of foreigners were arrested for 'pornographic' dancing depicting intercourse in Cambodia News


A group of foreigners were arrested for 'pornographic' dancing depicting intercourse in Cambodia



The defendants face up to a year in jail

Anna Freeman

29 Enero 2018 12:59

10 foreigners have been arrested in Cambodia for ‘singing and dancing pornographically’ after police raided a party in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat.

The group, including five men from Britain, face up to a year in prison and could spend six months in detention before the case goes to court, according to reports.

Cambodian police released photographs of the foreigners imitating sexual positions and laughing at the party.

Authorities later released a shot of the 10 defendants, showing that several of the people in the original photograph were not arrested and charged.

‘Honestly, it was really confusing. Everyone was confused. They raided, rounded us up – there were about 80 to 100 people at this party. Some of them were tourists. There were about 30 of them [police officers],’ a prisoner told the Press Association under anonymity.

‘We’re innocent,’ they continued, ‘We don’t know why we’ve been arrested, we’re getting different stories from different people.' Their families are reportedly ‘worried sick’. ‘Our parents are doing what they can. It’s really just trying to keep a good vibe until we know the outcome.’

The arrested individuals confirmed their identities. They include five British men: Vincent Harley Robert Hook, 35, Daniel Richard Leeming Jones, 30, Thomas Alexander Jeffries, 22, Billy Stevens, 21, and Paul Francis Harris, 32.

Job Robertus van der Wel, from the Netherlands, 22, the Canadians Jessica Drolet, 25, of Ottawa, and Eden Koazoleas, 19, of Alberta, were also arrested, along with David Nikolaus Aleksandr Ballovarre, 22, of Oslo, Norway, and Paul Martin Brasch, 32, of New Zealand.