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Artículo Brock Turner is appealing his sexual assault conviction as his lawyers say it 'was not a crime' News


Brock Turner is appealing his sexual assault conviction as his lawyers say it 'was not a crime'



In an attempt to erase his name from the sex offenders register, Turner's lawyers are arguing his actions did not constitute criminal activity

Anna Freeman

04 Diciembre 2017 12:20

On Friday, lawyers for the former Stanford University student Brock Turner appealed his sexual assault conviction, insisting that the trial he underwent back in 2016 was, according to The Los Angeles Times, ‘a detailed and lengthy set of lies.’

Turner was convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault of an unconscious woman in 2015, but the judge presiding over the case, Aaron Persky, sentenced him to just six months in prison. He only served three.

Persky drew outrage and condemnation for the sentencing decision, and it sparked efforts to recall him from the bench. Turner was released from prison in September 2016, and has been free ever since.

He does, however, have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The appeal on Friday is seen as an effort to undo that requirement.

According to CNN, Turner's attorneys have claimed that his conviction was ‘fundamentally unfair,’ and are pushing for a new trial in the hopes of fully exonerating him.

One part of their claim is that the victim in the case was not assaulted 'behind a dumpster,' as asserted in his first trial and by the media, and that characterising the scene as such prejudiced the jury against Turner.

It remains to be seen whether Turner’s appeal attempt will be successful. As for Persky, he’s still facing a recall effort over his initial, light sentencing of Turner ― an appeals court recently denied his effort to halt the petition against him.

Via Bustle.