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Artículo Dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces as US embassy moves to Jerusalem - Monday PG+ briefing News


Dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces as US embassy moves to Jerusalem - Monday PG+ briefing



Violent clashes on the Gaza border erupted amid protests against the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem

Anna Freeman

14 Mayo 2018 16:25

Hello, this is Anna getting you caught up on Monday's top stories and best reads.

Today's headlines

Bloodshed on Gaza border

At least 37 Palestinians have been killed and 1,300 wounded by Israeli troops in clashes on the Gaza border, global media reports. The violence comes ahead of the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, a decision taken by US President Donald Trump, infuriating Palestinians. Many Palestinians see it as an outright backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, where the eastern part has been claimed by Palestinians. Top US officials, including Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband, are attending Monday's event as the violence continues to unfold.

Shock after family’s brutal terror attacks

A husband and wife used their four children in a string of deadly suicide attacks in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, leaving seven people dead, and more than 40 injured, according to the country's highest ranking police official. The family included two daughters, aged 9 and 12 years old. The young girls were present when their mother detonated one of the bombs, and the couple's two teenage sons carried out a separate attack on another church.

Indian politician charged over wife’s death

Indian MP and former UN diplomat Shashi Tharoor has been charged with aiding his wife’s suicide in 2014. Sunanda Pushkar's unexplained death was initially treated as suicide. Police in Delhi have now charged Tharoor with abetment to suicide and cruelty to his spouse. Mr Tharoor tweeted saying he intends to ‘vigorously’ contest the ‘preposterous charges’ against him.

Catalonia’s new regional leader

The Catalan parliament has elected hard-line separatist Quim Torra as regional leader on Monday, bringing an end to seven months of direct rule from Madrid. The election is not, however, going to end a political standoff between Madrid and Catalonia over the region’s mandate to split from Spain.

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