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Artículo Hell has literally frozen over in the US as snow bomb cyclone grips the country News


Hell has literally frozen over in the US as snow bomb cyclone grips the country



If you thought 2018 was going to get off to a smooth start, think again

Anna Freeman

03 Enero 2018 16:39

With Donald Trump sitting in the White House, it seemed inevitable that hell would freeze over. And seemingly it has.

The US is facing freezing temperatures, and an onslaught of snow, sleet and powerful winds, as a ‘bomb cyclone’ grips the country. Many states have already been reckoning with extremely cold temperatures, but worse weather is set to move in today.

This winter storm is expected to strengthen rapidly as it moves from the southeast towards the northeast. It may be the first time in years that some parts of the south have had snowfall.

Florida, southern Georgia and the coastal Carolinas will get a few inches of snow plus some ice before the storm turns into a monster storm, dropping heavy snowfall along the Mid-Atlantic coast and into the Northeast, forecasters say.

Forecasters believe that ‘bombogenesis’ will occur off the east coast. This is a popular meteorological term that describes an area of low pressure in the mid-latitudes that drops more than 24 millibars, which are metric units of pressure, in 24 hours -- creating what has been called on social media as ‘bomb cyclone’.

So far, at least 11 people in the US have died since Tuesday morning in cold-related deaths, officials said. A 27-year-old woman was found dead on the shore of Lake Winnebago after she left a New Year's Eve gathering in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, WLUK reported.

Two other people have died in North Dakota and Missouri. And four others have died in Texas, including two homeless people who died in Houston after being exposed to freezing conditions, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo tweeted.