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Artículo The Saudi Crown Prince has said that women are 'absolutely' equal News


The Saudi Crown Prince has said that women are 'absolutely' equal



During a CBS '60 Minutes' interview, Mohammed bin Salman said there is no difference between men and women

Anna Freeman

19 Marzo 2018 13:16

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, 32-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, is due to arrive in the United States on Monday for an extended visit, where he is scheduled to meet President Donald Trump.

He will be working hard to convince Americans about the benefits of his plans to reform the economic and social life of the kingdom — and to get American investors to open their wallets.

‘60 Minutes,’ the CBS News program, aired an episode on Sunday about the prince and his vision for a more modern Saudi Arabia. One of the most controversial, yet progressive, insights came when he spoke about women’s rights within Islam.

When asked if women were equal to men, Prince Mohammed said: ‘Absolutely. We are all human beings and there is no difference.’

Prince Mohammad's rise to power hasn’t been short of criticism in the strict Islamic kingdom. He set about loosening restrictions on women’s dress and widening their role in the workplace. He said the government was working on regulations to ensure equal pay.

However, female citizens in Saudi Arabia are still ruled by so-called guardianship laws that give male relatives control over aspects of their lives, like their ability to travel abroad and undergo certain medical procedures.

How far Prince Mohammed is willing to go with his reforms is unclear, but western countries appear to be quietly optimistic about the direction he is steering the ultra-conservative nation towards.

But Saudi Arabia’s continued bloodshed in the Yemen War is a point of contention for those apprehensive about shaking hands with the Gulf powerhouse.