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Artículo Thursday briefing: Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull bans ministers from having sex with staff News


Thursday briefing: Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull bans ministers from having sex with staff



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Anna Freeman

15 Febrero 2018 13:23

Hello, this is Anna bringing you today's top stories.

No sex, please - Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is to ban sexual relationships between ministers and their staff in response to a scandal involving deputy prime minister and leader of the National party, Barnaby Joyce. Turnbull announced the ban as a potential solution to ending controversy over Joyce’s relationship with a former staffer, Vikki Campion. Sydney’s Daily Telegraph published a front-page photograph confirming the end of Joyce’s 24-year marriage, and Campion’s pregnancy.

Opposition dies - Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has died aged 65. He had been suffering from colon cancer for at least two years, but his condition had deteriorated in recent days despite treatment in South Africa.

South Africa’s new leader - Cyril Ramaphosa will be sworn in as elected president of South Africa by a parliamentary vote less than 16 hours after the resignation of former president Jacob Zuma. It comes after days of refusal to leave office by Zuma, even though parliament were set on a vote of no confidence in his leadership over numerous corruption allegations.

Cancer’s diet - There is a link between highly processed foods and cancer, French researchers say. They classified foods including cakes, chicken nuggets and mass-produced bread as ‘ultra-processed’. A study of 105,000 people hinted the more of these foods people eat, the greater their risk of cancer.

Snapchat petition - One million people have signed a petition calling on Snapchat to undo its latest redesign. The changes were intended to separate interactions with friends from branded content - including that of celebrities and influencers. However, thousands of Snapchat users say that the new layout is hard to use.