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Artículo Thursday briefing: Catalonia votes in bitter regional elections over future of region News


Thursday briefing: Catalonia votes in bitter regional elections over future of region



Other top stories include Trump's UN push for Jerusalem, a ferry sinks in the Philippines, and a car attack in Melbourne

Anna Freeman

21 Diciembre 2017 16:40

Hello, this is Anna getting you caught up on today's headlines.

Catalonia goes to the polls - The people of Catalonia are voting in a regional election, called by Spain following a controversial independence referendum. The snap election pits Catalan pro-independence parties against those who want the region to remain a semi-autonomous part of Spain. Early predictions are saying that it will be a hung parliament.

Clash of powers - Donald Trump’s threat to cut US funding to countries that oppose his decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in a UN vote on Thursday has set the scene for confrontation with countries already angered by the president’s approach. Amid accusations of bullying and blackmail, the US and Israel have continued their furious efforts to persuade countries to back Trump’s position, amid predictions that more than 150 of the 193 countries in the general assembly could vote against the US.

Melbourne attack - Four people have been critically injured after a car ploughed through a busy intersection outside the Flinders Street station in Melbourne in what police have described as a deliberate act’. The driver of the vehicle, a 32-year-old man, was arrested, the acting police commissioner, Shane Patton, told reporters at a press conference on Thursday night. A 24-year-old man seen filming the incident, which occurred at 4.30pm local time, was also arrested.

Disgraced minister - UK MP Damian Green has been sacked as first secretary of state after admitting he lied about the presence of pornographic images on his House of Commons computer. An investigation by the cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, found that Green’s vehement denials after a Sunday newspaper reported that porn had been found on his computer were ‘inaccurate and misleading’.

Disaster on the water - An inter-island ferry carrying 238 passengers and crew has sunk off the north-eastern Philippines after being battered by fierce winds and high seas. At least four people have died and 88 others are missing, officials said. More than 160 were rescued by coast guard ships and fishermen.

Love rivals - A new industry has emerged in China, helping husbands and wives to separate their unfaithful spouses from their lovers. It's called mistress dispelling, in which clients often pay tens of thousands of dollars to see off unwanted love rivals, the BBC reported.