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Artículo A 70-million-year-old nest of dinosaur eggs discovered News


A 70-million-year-old nest of dinosaur eggs discovered



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26 Abril 2017 10:33

Buried treasure beneath the Chinese city of Foshan  


A fascinating discovery has been made at a building site near the Chinese city of Foshan: five dinosaur egg fossils measuring approximately 13-14 centimetres and believed to be 70 million years old.

'We found five eggs: three were destroyed, but they are still visible,' said researcher Qiu Licheng from Guangdong's Archaeological Institute.

The eggs are round in shape and belong to phytophagous (plant eating) dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. The area the nest was found in is rich in fossils and minerals. 'This discovery is very important to our research on paleoclimate and sedimentary environment,' said Foshan's chief geologist, Liu Jianxiong.

Archaeologists said that the eggs were damaged to various degrees, with the veining that marked the shells' surface still visible, and the insides of the eggs filled with sandstone.

Further analysis is now required to ascertain the age of the fossils and confirm which species this prehistoric nest belonged to.

[Via Science Alert]