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Artículo A festival with tickets costing up to $250,000 turned out to be a nightmare for attendees News


A festival with tickets costing up to $250,000 turned out to be a nightmare for attendees



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03 Mayo 2017 11:44

Bands like Blink-182 cancelled their performances when they heard what was happening

It was all supposed to be so perfect. A dream festival on a paradisiacal island in the Bahamas. Influencers and celebs everywhere you look; selfies on the beach; exclusive concerts; first-class catering and luxury accommodation; plus a private jet from Miami – all included in the price. At least, that's what was promised to everyone who'd purchased a ticket – costing between $1,500 and $250,000 – to Fyre Festival.

Want to get a flavour of the sort of luxury we're talking about? Take a look at Fyre Festival's promotional video: 

But once festival-goers landed on the island, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. Nothing they'd been promised was real. According to the Independent, rapper Ja Rule was the brains behind the event.

As soon as attendees arrived, they began blowing the whistle on social media about what a disaster the festival was turning out to be: zero organisation, no luxury cabins or gourmet food, and no electricity: just relief tents and cheese and lettuce sandwiches in polystyrene boxes.

It looks more like a scene from a bad disaster movie than a luxury festival:

Attendees even created a Twitter account to denounce the festival, accusing it of being a fraud:@ FyreFestivalFraud. Many were locked inside the airport for hours.

Some bands announced that they wouldn't be performing after all:

Fyre Festival ended up cancelling the rest of the flights from Miami.

And they posted this remarkably understated message to Instagram: 'Things got off to an unexpected start at day one of Fyre Festival.'

One festival-goer even found notes from event organisers lying on the ground – including a shopping list and expenses. The whole thing is just so extraordinary that it's actually kind of wonderful.

We'll be honest: we don't know what all this means. We don't understand how the organisers could have gotten it so spectacularly wrong. Couldn't they foresee that attendees might be a tad disappointed to find that the paradise they'd been promised was more like a war zone? Was the whole thing really just the disastrous consequences of a lack of proper planning?
Or was it a piece of performance art? A critique of obscene wealth, celebrity culture and the decadent hedonism of the festival experience? If so, then it looks like Fyre Festival may actually have gone precisely according to plan.