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Artículo A pregnant youtuber accidentally kills her boyfriend in an attempt to ‘gain followers’ News


A pregnant youtuber accidentally kills her boyfriend in an attempt to ‘gain followers’



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03 Julio 2017 14:03

‘We want more viewers. We want to become famous’

‘Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. His idea, not mine.’ Two blushing emoji + a see-no-evil monkey. That was the Tweet.

Youtuber Monalisa Perez posted this on their social networks hours before accidentally killing her boyfriend on camera.

On Monday afternoon, Monalisa Perez fired at her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz, as he held a book in front of his chest. The couple, who had a shared YouTube channel, hoped the stunt would gain them more followers.

Monalisa’s Tweet hours before the accident

Both thought that the book Pedro was holding would stop the bullet. But it didn’t. The girl fired the Desert Eagle .50-caliber handgun and, in an instant, ended her boyfriend’s life.

The 19-year-old woman, who is expecting her second child, was detained in Halstad, in the state of Minnesota (US).

The victim’s aunt issued a statement on the local television station WDAY-TV saying that her nephew had told her that ‘with that trick they were going to get more viewers.’

‘We want more viewers, we want to become famous,’ Pedro Ruiz told his aunt, who added that her nephew and his girlfriend ‘were in love’ and that ‘it was just a trick that went wrong’.

Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz began their YouTube channel in March this year with the aim of showing what day-to-day life is like for young parents. At the ages of 19 and 22, they were parents of a little girl and were expecting their second.

In the statements that have been released, the girl has said that she was under pressure from Ruiz to go through with the prank. She also explained that in a trial run the trick had worked.