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Artículo 6 new marine creatures found on the ocean floor News


6 new marine creatures found on the ocean floor



Antonio J. Rodríguez

22 Diciembre 2016 13:02

They’ve never been seen by humans before. 

In the depths of the Indian Ocean, in an area of undersea hot springs known as Longqi (Dragon’s Breath), a team of scientists have discovered six new animal species.

According to reports by Brooks Hays, the location – 1,240 miles southeast of Madagascar and 1.7 beneath the ocean surface – is full of mineral rocks that provide food and shelter to many weird and wonderful sea creatures.

In 2011, a team of scientists from the University of Southampton began exploring the depths of the Indian ocean with the help of a remote controlled robotic vehicle.

Now, in a new study published by Scientific Reports, Dr Jon Copley and his team have announced the discovery of marine creatures that have almost certainly never been seen by humans before.

These are the new species that they’ve discovered:


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