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Artículo AI sex doll who has feelings and can reach orgasm News


AI sex doll who has feelings and can reach orgasm



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22 Marzo 2017 17:43

This sex robot will call you by your name and knows when to skip foreplay.

Sex dolls can now feel emotion and achieve orgasm. Catalan scientist and bionanotechnology expert Sergi Santos has created Samantha, a doll with human-like skin, long brown hair, piercing green eyes, full lips and a 36-24-36 figure.

So far, so similar to dozens of other types of sex doll on the market. However, unlike most of her rivals, Samantha can respond to sexual pleasure and call her owner by his name. Oh, and she's happy to skip foreplay and get down to business.

Thanks to a system of artificial intelligence, this silicone sex slave will say 'nice and gentle' when her breasts are caressed. She won't get pregnant either.

'Samantha likes to be touched and kissed. And she responds to the G-spot and also the breasts,' explains her creator.

'The final objective is to get her to orgasm.' If any hero is up to the task, then perhaps the thousands of euros invested in Samantha will have all been worth it.