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Artículo Anthony Scaramucci's firing after just 10 days shows a White House in chaos News


Anthony Scaramucci's firing after just 10 days shows a White House in chaos



Playground Redaccion

01 Agosto 2017 13:03

Are we living in a real-life parody of The Apprentice?

Perhaps US President Donald Trump didn’t get the memo that his tenure on the The Apprentice is over and he needs to lead the Free World now, because his fondness for saying ‘you’re fired’ has resulted in a White House staff turnover like no other. Just 10 days into his post as communications director, fast-talking Anthony Scaramucci has been fired by Trump after a whirlwind stint in the White House. The Wall Street financier was thrust into the spotlight and enjoyed his few minutes (days) of fame before being ousted from under the tangerine-tinted billionaire, whose loyalty has the durability of a used condom. The most recent shitstorm came on Monday, after new press secretary Sarah Sanders said Scaramucci was asked to resign in part because of his expletive-ridden rant at a New Yorker journalist last week. According to Trump’s new talking puppet, ‘The president certainly felt that Anthony’s comments were inappropriate for a person in that position.’ But telling every journalist that disagrees with you that they’re ‘fake news’ is perfectly fine by the president, clearly. If, like every other person in the world, you’re watching the infighting and drama unfold at the White House like a calamitous soap opera, you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s been a head-spinning few weeks of US politics. Since brash Scaramucci was sworn in as communications director, former press secretary Sean Spicer resigned over the appointment, and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was thwarted from his position. Scaramucci’s removal came moments after Marine Gen. John Kelly was promoted to the new chief of staff and swiftly set up a one-on-one meeting to force the short-lived communications director to resign, the Wall Street Journal reported. And as if things couldn’t get any more demoralising, Scaramucci was reportedly escorted out of the White House grounds shortly after the meeting, a source told CBS News. This latest installment of political upheaval serves as another reminder that the Trump administration is in chaos, and no one is getting out alive. If Trump thinks a few late night tweets exclaiming ‘a great day at the White House!’ and ‘no WH chaos!’ are sufficient in pulling wool over the world’s eyes, he’s sorely mistaken. Worldwide spectators have witnessed a disastrous and spectacularly disorganised government from the offset. And it’s no coincidence that the White House roles that are most fraught with controversy and volatility are those that require speaking for Trump. Being a spokesperson for a president who literally doesn’t know what to do or say is a thankless task, especially for the severely unqualified and loathsome groupies that have transiently entered the White House. As for Scaramucci, he’s not having the best week. Not only did he get fired from his job, but his wife also left him for reportedly being too ‘hell-bent’ on getting employed at the White House. Well, I guess all there is to say to Scaramucci is chin up, you certainly won’t be the last to fall from Trump's graces in such remarkable fashion.