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Artículo Apparently the world trusts Putin more than Trump now, so we're doomed News


Apparently the world trusts Putin more than Trump now, so we're doomed



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17 Agosto 2017 09:14

Who do you trust more? A fascist demagogue or a fascist demagogue?

Choosing who you trust more between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is as depressing as picking which way you’d rather die: burning or drowning? (And, when it comes these two world leaders, that could actually happen.) Pew’s 2017 spring survey has found that the world, quite surprisingly, trusts the Russian president Putin more than the tangerine-tinted demagogue currently in The White House. According to the results, the majority of people in 22 countries believe that Putin would do the right thing on world fairs, compared to a dismal 13 countries who favour Trump. Russian confidence was highest in Greece, Lebanon, Vietnam and Germany, whereas Israel, Nigeria, Poland and Kenya sided with Trump the most.   Of the western countries included in the survey, Australia, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands back the US president, while France, Spain and Italy trust Putin to make the right decisions in comparison. It wouldn’t be an overreaction to sit with our heads buried in our hands in absolute despair, and ask how the fuck did we get here? Because let’s face it, when the world trusts a megalomaniac, anti-LGBT, pro-Bashar al-Ássad, ‘democratically’-elected fascist over the leader of the Free World, something has gone horribly wrong. To be fair, deciphering between two machismo tyrants like Putin and Trump is no easy feat. Perhaps it’s best to just ask yourself which warmongering egomaniac you would rather punch in the testicles less, and there’s your answer. But on a more serious note, these findings paint a stark picture of a world in dramatic free fall. If you had thought last year, when Barack Obama occupied the most powerful seat in the world, that Putin would be the lesser of two evils on the world stage, you would have been called crazy. And yet, in the last week alone, Trump has defended the violent and fatal actions of neo-nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, he shut down a definitive Obama-administration climate rule that protected against flooding, and came to the brink of catastrophic warfare with North Korea. For all the commentators who argued that Trump would be boisterous but benign, we’re only six months into his presidency and the world is on tenterhooks. Maybe Putin really is the better choice.