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Artículo Beyoncé's pregnancy photo has already made history, and we love it News


Beyoncé's pregnancy photo has already made history, and we love it



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06 Febrero 2017 17:37

'Sad that there are more black people in Beyoncé right now than in Trump's entire cabinet'

New records, art critiques, memes... the photo that just keeps on giving

Until Wednesday last week, this snap of Selena Gómez held the record for most Instagram likes ever.

Una foto publicada por Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) el

But that was last week because, let's be honest: Selena looking gorgeous while drinking a Coca-Cola – with that hair, and those nails that haven't done a day's hard graft in their lives – is pretty awesome, but Beyoncé announcing she's pregnant with twins, in the most gloriously over-the-top maternity shoot you'll ever clap your eyes on, is taking things to a whole new level of awesome. 

The announcement arrived at just the right time. A lot of people are feeling pretty miserable about how 2017 is shaping up so far, and some celebrity excitement like this is just the distraction we need from the slow-motion car crash of reality.

The photo is even bringing out the art critic in zealous commentators. 

According to this journalist in The Guardian, the photo is a combination of a rococo floral display:

Flemish portraiture:

And traditional Latin American funerary symbols:

Personally, I reckon there's also a bit of those creepy family portraits from the early 90's, but who cares what I think?

Some users took the opportunity to fish for LOLZ. 

Oh, and we mustn't forget: congratulations to daddy.

Jay Z had something to do with all this too.