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Artículo BREAKING NEWS: Uber stripped of its London licence in shock ruling News


BREAKING NEWS: Uber stripped of its London licence in shock ruling



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22 Septiembre 2017 10:37

The San Francisco-based app will lose its licence on September 30

Uber will be stripped of its licence to operate in London after Transport for London made an announcement today.

TfL said that Uber was 'not fit and proper' to hold a private hire licence and had shown a 'lack of corporate responsibility' in relation to public safety.

Mayor Sadiq Khan, head of TfL, said after the shock ruling that 'companies must play by the rules'.

James Farrar, co-claimant in landmark employment tribunal decision against Uber and chair of the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain's (IWGB) United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD) branch said: 'This is a devastating blow for 30,000 Londoners who now face losing their job and being saddled with unmanageable vehicle-related debt.

'To strip Uber of it's license after five years of laissez faire regulation is a testament to a systemic failure at TfL. Rather than banish Uber, TfL should have strengthened its regulatory oversight, curbed runaway licensing and protected the worker rights of drivers. The Mayor must call for an urgent independent review of TfL to identify the causes of failure and prevent something like this from ever happening again.'

Uber is expected to make an appeal about the decision.