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Artículo Bull with flaming horns instantly killed after throwing itself to death News


Bull with flaming horns instantly killed after throwing itself to death



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31 Julio 2017 09:51

It looks like the animal chose suicide over taking part in such a cruel spectacle

A bull with its horns set on fire and died on Saturday in a bullring in Foios, Valencia, when it smashed into the post it had been tied to. It seems to have committed suicide in a desperate bid to end its suffering.

The ritual of setting a bull’s horns alight sees balls of flaming tar attached to the animal’s horns and dodging its pathetic and anguish-filled charges. But the bull in Foios didn’t give itself the chance to charge at anyone: confused and disoriented, it span around and ran straight into the wooden post, ending its own life.

Although the bull’s death was not part of the fiesta, the animal’s torture certainly was, as well as the alleged ‘bravery’ and ‘honour’ of the men who come up against it in the bullring.

In different regions of Spain, France and Latin America, bull festivals come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own name, but all under the common denominator of gratuitous animal torture.

Some of Spain’s autonomous regions have almost entirely banned this practice, but in Valencia, bulls with flaming horns is still the order of the day.