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Artículo Chinese space mission fails shortly after takeoff News


Chinese space mission fails shortly after takeoff



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04 Julio 2017 14:34

Cameras recorded the failure


China launched its Long March 5 rocket on Sunday, with the aim of creating the base for the country’s space station. However, 40 minutes into its flight, the operation had failed.

Xinhua, the Chinese government’s official news agency confirmed the news on Twitter and said that an ‘anomaly’ had been detected during takeoff. An investigation will now be carried out to clarify exactly what happened in an operation the Asian giant had high hopes for.

Long March 5 was the second of eight rockets that China was to send into space to then launch its space station into orbit in the next year or two.

The 57-metre-long rocket was carrying a 7-ton communications satellite.

This failure will no doubt cause delays to China’s ambitious space plans. The progress made by Long March 5 was key for ensuing missions such as landing a space probe on the moon at the end of 2017 and on mars in 2020.

China joined the space race a little late in the day: it launched its first satellite in 1970, exactly a year after the United States had sent the first man to the Moon.