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Artículo Chinese woman has four abortions in a year trying for a boy, and dies News


Chinese woman has four abortions in a year trying for a boy, and dies



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20 Julio 2017 10:51

Male superiority literally kills women in China

Having a baby girl in China is much less favourable than a boy. Even though, ironically, it’s the woman doing all the hard work giving birth. These cultural attitudes can have disastrous effects, because a woman from eastern China has died as the result of having four abortions in a year trying for a son, according to a local newspaper report.

The woman, whose full name has not been disclosed, was pressured by her husband to have a boy after their first child, now aged four, was a girl. Her spouse then divorced her after she became ill due to the number of terminations, the South China Morning Post reported.

Repeated abortions had taken its toll on the woman, although her specific illness and symptoms are not known. She came from an area near Wuhu in the Anhui province, and found out the sex of her unborn babies via X-ray. Because boys are more wanted than girls in China, it is illegal for doctors to tell parents the sex of their children during pregnancy, in case women terminate their baby. However, unlicensed and back alley medical professionals do inform people illegally. After the Communist Party of China scrapped the controversial one-child policy, the couple decided to have more children. But after four failed attempts to have a boy, the couple divorced and the woman sought treatment in hospital for her bad health with the 17,000 yuan (£1928) from the settlement, but she passed away. According to Chinese reports, her ex-husband did not visit the ailing woman in hospital and is now planning to marry someone else. He sounds like a stand-up guy. Unfortunately, huge numbers of young girls and women are harmed by dangerous cultural perceptions about male superiority. Female babies have been known to be dumped on the side of the street, put into adoption centres, or harmed and abandoned in other disturbing ways. ‘Baby hatches’ have even been introduced so parents can abandon their children safely, with much higher numbers of girls dropped off than boys. Until gender equality is achieved in the communist-controlled state, stories like this will continue to emerge.