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Artículo CNN accidentally broadcasts 30 minutes of hardcore porn News


CNN accidentally broadcasts 30 minutes of hardcore porn



david perez

27 Noviembre 2016 19:26

Boston. 10:00 PM, last thursday. Viewers tune into CNN to see Parts Unknown's new episode, a nice travel show with Anthony Bourdain.

 But CNN is not showing Parts Unknown.

CNN is broadcasting porn.

Hardcore porn.

This mistake only affected the broadcasting in Boston,  where the signal is received from local station RCN.

Although many viewers have been talking about the "incident" on social networks, CNN has not given an explanation yet. Happily, this happened at a late time when children are not watching TV.

The funny thing about it all is not just CNN broadcasting explicit porn. The thing is they did when they had to be broadcasting a show named  Parts Unknown. Isn't that hilarious?

[Via The Next Web]