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Artículo Coach kidnaps, sexually abuses and kills the son of former Uruguayan footballer Lucho Romero News


Coach kidnaps, sexually abuses and kills the son of former Uruguayan footballer Lucho Romero



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26 Abril 2017 10:27

Their bodies were found embracing each other

The 10-year-old son of Luis 'Lucho' Romero was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head, alongside his coach, Fernando Sierra López. Felipe, the youngest son of the former Peñarol player, was kidnapped by his coach on Thursday and subjected to sexual abuse. The boy's mother, Alexandra Pérez – a Maldonado police officer – reported her son as missing after discovering that the coach had taken him out of school without permission. 

According to information provided by the Ministry of the Interior, the bodies were discovered in a gorge near Villa Serrana, about 150 kilometres from Montevideo. Packaging from drugs presumably used to sedate the boy were found beside the bodies. Authorities have said that Felipe and his coach were very close. The victim's mother told reporters that Sierra Lopez 'had always wanted to have a son like him'. However, the link between them was severed suddenly when Felipe's psychologist, having detected a pattern of abnormal behaviour in the child, recommended that he stop going to football school and asked his parents to keep him away from the coach.

At first, Sierra López appeared to accept the decision, but the next day he took the child out of school and drove away with him in his car, which was found abandoned in a field near their bodies. 'What we can say is that two people were killed by shots fired to their temples. All the evidence leads us to conclude that Fernando killed Felipe before taking his own life,' said Judge Adriana Morosini, after forensic experts carried out autopsies on the bodies and determined that the boy was sexually abused.

Apparently, the boy's father, Lucho Romero – who played for Peñarol, Cagliari, Alianza de Lima and Nacional de Montevideo – was largely absent from Felipe's life, and Sierra López was responsible for picking the child up from school, spending weekends with him, and even going on holiday together. Nonetheless, neither Lucho Romero nor Alexandra Perez ever suspected that the coach might be sexually abusing their son.