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Artículo Console repairman explains why cockroaches feel so at home in the PS4 News


Console repairman explains why cockroaches feel so at home in the PS4



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21 Abril 2017 16:24

What makes the PS4 the perfect hotel for cockroaches?

A home that's warm, cosy, private and completely rent-free. Sounds like a pretty good deal doesn't it? Well that's what your PlayStation4 is for cockroaches.

Ever since Sony's console emerged on the scene, thousands of people have had their console stop working because of these insects. According to the independent console repair shop in Manhattan, XCubicle, whose staff spoke to Kotaku, cockroach infestation is one of the most common causes of PS4 breakdowns.

'We get at least one console with roaches each week,' say XCubicle staff. The store keeps 'roach bags': black garbage bags filled with cockroaches they've removed from consoles. The repairman added that roach-infested PS4s are so frequent that XCubicle now charges a $25 'roach fee'. 

As 'cockroach infestation' is not covered under Sony's warranty, customers have no option but to take their broken-down console to independent repair shops.

The PS4 isn't the only console to suffer this problem. Ten years ago, the Wii was another favourite cockroach hangout. Xbox Ones sometimes attract the critters too.

But according to the repairmen, the PS4 is the four-star choice for roaches looking for a place to stay. The wider ventilation grates located at the bottom of the console mean that the creatures can get in there more easily. Apparently, the PS4's insides also get warmer than the Xbox One's because of its internal power supply.

Sometimes the bugs are in there for so long that they have kids and clog the machine up with their faeces. To get it working again, the repairmen must take the console apart, clean and sterilise it, and put it all back together again.

The good news is that avoiding this rather gruesome situation is actually quite simple. Store the console high up, making it harder for roaches to reach it, and make sure it's out in the open so it gets plenty of airflow. And of course, keep the room clean and fumigated.