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Donald Trump shakes wife Melania's hand in most awkward moment ever recorded



Playground Redaccion

19 Septiembre 2017 11:05

This is how normal couples act around each other, right?

Donald Trump is known for his strangely aggressive and peculiar handshake with other notable figures, and once again it’s drawn headlines around the world.
But this time, it’s his wife who has been the receiver of The Donald shake. Before a delivery speech for military members and their families at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Friday, Melania Trump introduced her husband to the podium, unleashing category five awkwardness that’s hard to look away from. Melania said to the crowd, ‘It's my great pleasure to introduce my husband. The president of the United States, Donald Trump’. As the audience applauded, Donald walked towards his spouse, and instead of embracing her like a normal president, he extended his hand and gave her the stiffest of handshakes. And then led her off stage with his hand on her back. Melania’s face said it all. An awkward laugh preempted her shuffle back into the crowd. And the internet - obviously - had a field day.