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Artículo Drunken Brit fined for swimming in US river dam during stag 'do News


Drunken Brit fined for swimming in US river dam during stag 'do



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12 Septiembre 2017 13:53

The British aren't known for behaving well abroad

A British man on a stag ‘do in Las Vegas has been fined for swimming across the Colorado river at the Hoover Dam while drunk.

Aaron Hughes, a 28-year-old forklift truck driver from Denbighshire, north Wales, is believed to be the first known survivor to swim across the reservoir at the 726ft structure on the border between Arizona and Colorado.

Police were waiting for Hughes with handcuffs after his intoxicated 30-minute swim, and arrested him immediately and ordered him to pay a $330 fine.

He told the Daily Post: ‘It was around 45-50 degrees outside and we were on a stag do in Vegas. You go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made The Hangover movie look tame.

‘We were all just standing there and I thought fuck it, I’m going for a swim. I got to the bottom and thought: I can make that.

‘I literally just turned to the lads, said “I’m off” and they were all cheering me on and I swam across. It’s a hell of a sight to see the dam from underneath.’

In the last decade, 275 known people have died trying to cross the river at the dam, and it is believed that Hughes only survived because nine out of the 10 hydroelectric turbines weren’t in operation.