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Artículo Dutch man is biological father to 102 children News


Dutch man is biological father to 102 children



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28 Agosto 2017 07:25

More than 100 donations to 11 different clinics 'just to make people happy'

A group of Dutch single mothers realised that there was an uncanny resemblance between their children and decided to investigate further. The mothers had all undertaken artificial insemination treatments at fertility clinics throughout the country. Gradually, they began to suspect that the anonymous donor who had provided his sperm to them was the same man.

They took the case to the Ministry of Health which, after a long and thorough investigation, has confirmed their suspicions: one man is the biological father of 102 children.

The case has shocked the Netherlands and highlighted the need to create a national registry of donors to prevent one person from donating more times than they are allowed to.

By law, a sperm donor in Holland is only allowed to sire 25 children to limit the chance that conceived children could later end up in a relationship, not knowing they are half-siblings.

The father's identity hasn't been revealed, but he reportedly made more than 100 donations in 11 different clinics. His motivation? Certainly not economic. Men only receive €50 transport expenses per donation. The donor apparently told a Dutch daily that his motive 'was not to have as many children as possible.' He said: 'I just like to do it and to make people happy.'

In Holland there is a registry accessible only to children who wish to know the identity of their biological father. Fertility clinics do not have access to this registry however.

'Not having a national registry containing data on all the sperm donors in the country means that fertility clinics cannot check whether a man has donated sperm to other clinics or how often he may have done so,' explains Doctor Jesper Smeenk, from the Dutch Association of Gynaecologists (NVOG).

'We definitely need a national registry so that all semen used for fertility treatment is registered. And fertility centres must have the authority to access this registry to make sure that donors can't have more than 25 children,' Smeenk adds.