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Artículo Eight-year-old boy drives car to McDonald's after learning how to drive on YouTube News


Eight-year-old boy drives car to McDonald's after learning how to drive on YouTube



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19 Abril 2017 14:24

His took his four-year-old sister to get a cheeseburger

Every so often there's a kid in the USA who takes the family car for a drive, as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

This time is was the turn of an eight-year-old boy from Ohio, who decided last Sunday to borrow his dad's car and drive to McDonald’s.

The boy's dad had gone to bed early, and his mum had fallen asleep on the sofa. So, the budding fast food junkie decided that this was the perfect opportunity: his chance to finally put into practice everything he'd learned from watching YouTube.

And, as if the story wasn't cute enough already, the boy kindly took his four-year-old sister with him on his little jaunt. 

According to Cleveland's Fox 8, the boy obeyed all the traffic signs – thanks, presumably to those YouTube tutorials – and he even kept to the speed limit. Unfortunately for him, some friends of his parents happened to be in McDonald's when the kids arrived, and they quickly called the children's grandparents and the police.

By the time the officers turned up, the kids were apparently finishing off their cheeseburgers. Notice they didn't order Happy Meals: they probably felt a bit too grown up for that.

The boy explained to the police that he'd learned to drive online – we're hoping he said it with a sardonic smile as he nonchalantly wiped a drop of ketchup from his mouth with a napkin.

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