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Artículo Eight-year-old girl found living with a group of monkeys in India News


Eight-year-old girl found living with a group of monkeys in India



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10 Abril 2017 15:58

They're teaching her to walk upright but she still crawls on all fours sometimes.

A policeman on patrol in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh found the girl living with a group of monkeys.

When the girl was spotted two months ago, she and the monkeys with her shrieked at the policeman to try and drive him away, according to the ANI News AgencyHowever, sub-inspector Suresh Yadav managed – after a great deal of effort – to take her with him and get her to a hospital.

Yadav found the eight-year-old whilst he was patrolling the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. He said she seemed comfortable living with the monkeys. She has marks on her skin and it looks like she's been living with the animals for some time.

The girl can neither speak nor understand language, and she gets frightened around people. Doctors say she often gets violent. The girl has shown improvement, but the process is slow.

Dr D.K. Singh, chief of medicine at the hospital, says that the girl still eats like an animal, and although they're trying to teach her to walk upright, she still sometimes crawls on all fours. 

Dr Singh has confirmed that she is healthy.

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