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Artículo Emirates air hostess filmed filling a bottle with used champagne on flight to Dubai News


Emirates air hostess filmed filling a bottle with used champagne on flight to Dubai



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19 Julio 2017 09:41

Recycled champagne on a luxury flight?

Evgeny Kayumov has an Instagram account, lots of money and very little to do. So while he sat in the business class cabin of a Fly Emirates aircraft he decided to show off his luxury surroundings by grabbing his phone and filming a short video. Unwittingly, he also caught an air hostess filling up a champagne bottle with the leftovers from other flutes. Kayumov was so outraged at this heinous crime that he uploaded the footage to Instagram.


Fly Emirates pride themselves on offering impeccable service and top-quality products – especially to their first and business class passengers. Kayumov presumably paid a considerable amount of money for the privilege of a business class seat, so perhaps its understandable that the incident would peeve him enough to share it with the world on Instagram.

However, his post quickly sparked a fierce debate: is the hostess really reusing champagne as Kayumov's footage leads us to believe? Or is there a more innocent explanation? Perhaps she'd overfilled the glass by accident and was pouring the excess liquid back into the bottle. We have to admit. It looks a little suspicious. It's likely that Kayumov is right and that she is recycling the champagne.

But that leads us to wonder... is she not just following orders? Isn't this just company policy? Some have argued that this is indeed likely to be the case: the air hostess is pouring the unused champagne back into the bottle in order to dispose of it more easily later.

It's apparently common practice among airlines to collect any unused liquids into a single recipient. Protocol prohibits flight attendants from pouring out liquids while the plane is still on the ground, so this unfortunate woman might have simply been collecting the unused champagne to pour it out at cruising instead of dumping it in the trash.

Nevertheless, the airline responded to the controversy by issuing a statement saying: 'Actions recorded in this video do not comply with our quality standards. Emirates always strives to provide the top quality service.' So, even if the air hostess was just following protocol, it looks like she will be penalised for having done it so publicly.