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Artículo Everyone loves Trudeau for resisting Trump's wacky handshake News


Everyone loves Trudeau for resisting Trump's wacky handshake



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17 Febrero 2017 17:33

Trump's alpha-male handshake has claimed many a victim. But the Canadian prime minister was not going to be one of them.

'Trudeau resisting Trump's weird handshake is the biggest display of dominance in the history of Canada'.

Trump has been getting a lot of handshake practice over the past few weeks, what with becoming president of the United States and all that.

And one thing that people have been noticing is that the new POTUS is less of a handshaker and more of a hand-yanker. 

Trump doesn't just squeeze his guest's hand tight, like he's trying to cut off their circulation, he also pulls them towards himself hard enough to throw the poor victim off balance. Many observers (including body language experts) have suggested that his aggressive handshaking technique is a way of displaying dominance and authority over the other person – making it clear who's in charge. 

Here's the Guardian's video analysis:

Trump's odd behaviour, which falls somewhere between 'alpha male' and 'socially inept', can be seen in all its awkward glory in his encounters with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, judge Neil Gorsuch and Vice-President Mike Pence. Justin Trudeau, however, prime minister of Canada, artfully manages to hold his own.

When they met last Monday, Trudeau preempted Trump's signature move by immediately placing a steadying hand on Trump's shoulder, thus preventing the US president from throwing him off balance. 

Later on, when Trump was fishing for another handshake,  Trudeau's expression made it clear that he wasn't thrilled at the prospect. But, once committed, he again made sure he had control of the situation, using a combination of strength and control to evade the dreaded hand yank, and deciding when to disengage.

And now, thanks to this small gesture of defiance, everyone is in love with Trudeau.

It turned him into a Canadian national hero overnight.

Whilst we applaud anyone who stands up to Donald Trump, we can't help feeling that Trudeau is getting a few extra points for being well... so damn good looking. 

One thing we know for sure is that both leaders could learn a lot from Barry White Jr. No, not the soul singer. We're talking about the teacher from North Carolina who recently went viral in a video showing how he greets each of his students with their own unique, and often intricate, handshake. Now that is what we call a cool and stylish way to greet someone.