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Artículo Firefighters rescue piglets from fire... then eat them as sausages News


Firefighters rescue piglets from fire... then eat them as sausages



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24 Agosto 2017 10:27

WARNING: vegetarians will definitely find this content disturbing

Imagine you’re stuck in a ferocious fire. Flames surround you. Your skin starts prickle from the intense heat. You’re sure your time is up. But then, heroic firefighters come to your aid, battling the blaze and helping you to safety. But, after surviving this ordeal, those very firefighters eat you. Because this is what happened to some unfortunate piglets in Wiltshire, the UK. After a barn caught fire at a farm in Pewsey back in February, firefighters rescued 18 baby pigs from the blaze. To show her appreciation for their hard work, farmer Rachel Rivers sent the fire crew sausages made from the pigs’ meat six months later as a tasty gift.

The firefighters then cooked the bangers up on a BBQ, sharing their experience on social media about how delicious the recently deceased animals were. The Pewsey fire station posted a rave review on their Facebook page. It read:

‘Exactly six months and one day since firefighters rescued 18 piglets from a fire, we got to sample the fruits of our labours from that February night.

‘Huge thank you to Rachel Rivers for dropping them off for us to sample. Highly recommended by Pewsey fire station crew and if any one of our followers is having a bank holiday BBQ this weekend then check out these sausages, they are fantastic. Although it would be hard for any meat-eaters to truly criticise the actions of both Rivers and the firefighters, because this is the reality of pig farming, the whole thing has got people feeling a little ‘icky’. After facing a backlash, the station later removed the post about eating the sausages and issued an apology. ‘In regard to a recent post on this page. We recognise that this has caused offence to some – we apologise for this and as such have removed the post,’ it said in a statement.

It’s a pig’s life, hey?