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Artículo Girl kills sister, 14, in drink-driving accident and live streams it on Instagram News


Girl kills sister, 14, in drink-driving accident and live streams it on Instagram



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26 Julio 2017 10:35

The disturbing video shows Obdulia Sanchez, after the accident, continuing to broadcast live next to her sister’s body

'I fucking killed my sister, I know I'm going to jail for life. I understand that.'

According to the authorities, Obdulia Sanchez, from Stockton, California, was driving last Saturday under the influence of alcohol when, at around 6:40pm, she lost control of her vehicle. Her 14-year-old sister, Jaqueline, who was not wearing her seatbelt, was thrown from the vehicle.

Before the accident, Obdulia was streaming a video on her Instagram Stories. After the accident, she decided to not stop recording and filmed herself with her sister’s dead body, after her head was split open. Sanchez continued talking to the camera.

Jaqueline was supposed to celebrate her 15th birthday the following Sunday.

(The complete uncensored video can be seen at this link)

‘I fucking love my sister to death. I don't give a fuck. We about to die. This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us, but it just did. Jacqueline, please wake up! I fucking killed my sister, I know I'm going to jail for life. I understand that. This is the last thing I wanted to happen, OK, alright. I don't fucking care though, I'm a hold it down. I love you, rest in peace, sweetie.’

I would like to think that her behaviour is the result of a profound sense of shock, but that does not make the images any the less disturbing.

Mary Hernandez, an acquaintance of Sanchez, heard about the video she’d uploaded to Stories through a friend and decided to film it on her phone before it was deleted within 24 hours. Instagram did not delete the content, however, and it was uploaded for a full 19 hours when Hernandez recorded it.

She shared the video on Facebook, seriously doubting its veracity. Before the platform was able to delete it, the footage had clocked up more than 700,000 views.

‘At first I was skeptical, but the more people reached out to me, then her cousin confirmed it was her. It's just so insane to believe that happened to girls from my city. It is for sure an eye-opener. I see people on their phones on social media all the time,’ she told Buzzfeed. ‘I think this video can get a lot of people to think twice about using their phones while driving now.’

Social media users were horrified by the images. ‘No one wanted to believe it, it was so crazy how desensitised and careless she seemed about someone as close to her as her sister. Who in their right mind continues to record?’, she explained.

The police have confirmed that they are examining the content of the images and have said that ‘they were very uncooperative after the arrest. Sanchez was screaming about her sister,’ said Sergeant Darin Heredia.

The young girl is being held in the Merced County Jail on charges of driving under the influence and manslaughter while intoxicated.

The Sanchez family have set up a page on GoFundMe to raise money for Jaqueline’s funeral.