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Artículo Half-naked woman filmed dangling from power cables News


Half-naked woman filmed dangling from power cables



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07 Agosto 2017 12:12

How she ended up like that remains a subject of debate

What was a half-naked woman doing hanging upside-down from power cables? That must have been what neighbours in Benxi, a city in north-east China, were wondering on Monday.

The sight must have difficult for passersby to miss: clad in bright red shorts and a matching crop top, the woman was dangling upside-down from power cables between the second and third floors of an apartment building.

Onlookers didn't just limit themselves to filming the horrifying (but undeniably slightly comical) moment – they also found a ladder and tried to rescue the woman who had fainted from shock during her fall from the fourth floor.

The ladder wasn't quite tall enough to reach the poor woman, but fortunately, firefighters were quick to the scene and managed to bring her back down to the ground safe and sound.

What remains something of a mystery is how the woman ended up there in the first place. A number of theories have been put forward, but two seem to have gained more popularity than the rest.

For the reliably prurient Daily Mail, the answer was clear: the woman was somebody's mistress and she had jumped through the window when her lover's wife came home earlier than expected.

Others, like the Metro suggest a more innocent explanation: the woman was simply cleaning the windows of her home when she lost her balance and tumbled out.

We'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but one question remains. If the second theory is true, why was the young woman polishing her windows in bright red underwear?