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Artículo Hands and feet have nothing to do with it… what really determines the size of a man’s penis News


Hands and feet have nothing to do with it… what really determines the size of a man’s penis



Antonio J. Rodríguez

12 Diciembre 2016 14:19

No, having big hands doesn’t mean you have a big penis

Penis size is something that worries most men from the moment they reach sexual maturity. It's such a sensitive subject that the measurements we usually hear men bandy around often bear little relation to reality.

According to the Instituto Kinseythe size of an erect penis is usually between 13 and 14 centimetres. And, despite all the urban legends about the subject, the fact is that penis size is unrelated to the size of any other body part.

2015 study found that penis size has nothing to do with the size of a man’s hands or feet. And although one study in 2011 claimed that men whose index and ring fingers were closer to each other in size generally had bigger penises, subsequent tests have refuted this conclusion.

The only factor that seems to be relevant in determining how well-endowed we are is our height, as highlighted in this 2015 study in BJU magazine. However, even this relationship is somewhat tenuous and there’s no guarantee that a tall man will have a big penis.

One thing’s for sure: compared to other apes, all men are well endowed. Of all primates, homo sapiens have the biggest penis. The reason for this could be a direct consequence of how we relate to each other.

Before clothing, the non-retractable human penis would have been conspicuous to potential mates. But when this was hidden beneath clothing, evolution would have caused it to grow so that it could be seen more easily by females seeking mates,” explains researcher Brian Mautz.

Mautz also points out the importance of physical attractiveness. Better-endowed men are considered more attractive, just as taller and wider-shouldered men are. Shoulder width, height and penis size are all consequences of sexual evolution.

But why do women prefer men with bigger penises?

Apparently, it has to do with vaginal orgasms. In January 2016, Men’s Health published the results of a study in which 300 women were asked about the vaginal orgasms they’d experienced over the course of a month.

A third of those studied said that “the bigger it is, the easier it is to reach orgasm.” These women were found to have been those who’d had the most orgasms.

It’s also worth mentioning that length is not the most important measurement when it comes to a penis. According to The University of Texas90% of women prefer a thick penis to a long one.

But yes, it’s finally been proven: given the choice, the majority of women will go for an above-average sized penis. According to this Ibtimes survey, the ideal penis for most women is 16 centimetres long.