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Artículo If your email address appears in this list, you need to change your password News


If your email address appears in this list, you need to change your password



Playground Redaccion

01 Septiembre 2017 11:46

No one is safe from email leaking!

711 million email addresses. Almost one address for every man, woman and child in Europe. That's the amount of emails that have been leaked due to a malfunction in an intrusive spambot. The information has been released by Troy Hunt, security expert in computer crimes and creator of the website

Initially discovered by the security researcher known as Benkow, a database with more than 711 million email accounts and passwords has been accessed through a spambot. Benkow sent the list of emails to Hunt and they were uploaded to The data was accessed by a machine known as 'Onliner Spambot', with an IP address traced to the Netherlands,  and is already being considered the largest computer security leak in history.

Apparently the spambot stole information through a small pixel image included in an email. When the receiver opened the email, they sent their data and their IP to the server hosting the image.

To find out if your email and passwords have also been affected by it, just copy your email address at And in case you've been one of the lucky ones, remember that you can only do one thing: change your password!